Chefs Jason and Carolyn Morrison Phillips prepare healthy, fresh, delicious and preservative free food all in the safety of your own home.

We understand first hand about demanding careers and hectic schedules. If you hate having to plan meals, grocery shop and cook, or just don't have the time, chances are you're eating out a lot or getting take-out. Unless you eat in organic and preservative free restaurants, chances are, your body is laden with chemicals to preserve food, too much sodium and hormone filled meats. We guarantee that you will feel more alive and healthy if you choose to eliminate those chemicals from your diet. Let Sweet Basil Personal Chefs wake you up to healthy eating.

With a simple assessment either in person or by e-mail, Jason and Carolyn will create menus specific to you and your family's needs, likes, dislikes, dietary needs and/or medical conditions. We'll do the meal planning, shopping , cooking and clean up in your home, leaving behind the aroma of freshly prepared and beautiful food.